Saturday, June 8, 2013

made by hand

 This morning was the annual hand-made market in our little village.  The kids even made and sold a few friendship bracelets.  There were so many different artisans practicing their skill using traditional methods and tools.  Hooray for local hand-made! 


The kids took a quick trampoline break, naturally.

The walk home was pretty charming too.
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Sunday, February 3, 2013


His weekend began with an early present

and making his cake.

Moving on to pancakes on the "Special" plate and the big day

presents wrapped with custom paper

a little bit of play-time

more gifts



time with family

and, of course, church!

Can't beleive it's been 10 years that he's been with us!  Oh how we love our sweet, sensitive, smart, good boy.  Happy birthday buddy boy!  We are so proud of you!

*Today also marks one year since our family boarded an airplane and moved across the ocean.  What a year it has been.  To say that it has been easy or wonderful would be dishonest but although it has been a year full of challenges, we are truly grateful for the experience.  We have come to understand better our Father's love for us.  We have strengthened our faith and grown closer as a family.  Today as I looked around me and realized how far we've come I felt only gratitude.  I know there is still much more climbing ahead of us but the experiences of the past year have given us courage.  Onward and upward!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Back on the map

After months with no computer, I am finally back in business!  Please forgive the picture-laden post but it's been awhile.  They are all from Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.  The lighting was very poor so they aren't the best shots but I'm just happy to be able to post. :)

Our yard has Holly vines.  I know.  So cool.

There was not one single picture where they all had a good face.  Plus, Lydie just kills me.  Front and center.  That girl.

More to come...
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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lydie Josephine

We had a special celebration of our
sunshine-girl Lydie today.

  Eric and Emilie made their own wrapping paper
(a little Léporé tradition)

The sisters joined us for cake and ice cream and they even brought their birthday banner to share with Lydie.  She LOVES the sister so she was thrilled that they could come over for a bit!

Eric and Emilie made the darling banners on the cake

soeurs Layton and Stanford

They brought her a pair of rubber gloves so that she can help mommy with the dishes and then those sneaky girls said they would show her how to use them and in the process washed my entire sink full of dishes! :)

Mamie and Papou came over for dinner and stayed all afternoon.  Lydie played and played with Papou.  What a great birthday!

We love our Lydie Jo. We love her enthusiasm for life and her fearless way of attacking it head-on.  We love her ability to find friends and to show love and affection to everyone she meets both young and old.  She is full to the brim with love and pure joy!  She infects us all with her happy spirit!  Love you Lydie Jo Jo!!!!

p.s. my computer died so I'm posting from Roland's which is why I am signed in as Roland....

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth from France!

It was hard to be so far away on this very important holiday.  Roland and I were both a little emotional all morning long.  But, we knew it was important for us to celebrate somehow so that our kids will not miss out on the tradition.  We donned our red, white and blue and headed to the park for a picnic and some family fun!

The park we went to is one of the biggest city parks here in Lyon (to run the circumference is about 3 miles) and after our picnic we rented one of these fun pedal cars.  Emilie is the only one with a bike (so far) which worked out perfectly.  Roland and I sat on either side of Eric where the pedals are and Emilie rode along side with her bike.  We rode around the lake and through the zoo!  
Eric had control of the camera during our little ride.  Here's a sample of what we saw: 

Over-all it was a great afternoon although it was definitely not the same as being in the states for the festivities.  Our time here has helped us appreciate even more how grateful we are for the good old U-S of A!  **************